Versa-Tech Flatbed Cut + Route

The latest machine in the MasterCut range, the Versa-Tech is the result of a decade of refinement and product development. As well as delivering the high levels of accuracy, speed and versatility MasterCut users have come to expect, a new and improved cutting head design offers increased power and durability.

Versa-Tech Cutter & Router

Ideal for larger volume processes and engineered to handle heavy-duty material, the MasterCut Versa-Tech can take on any task, from manufacturing conservatories and industrial roofing, to work within the graphics industry. Built for precision cutting, it can create squeegees in Polyurethane and plastics to a cutting accuracy of +/- 0.02mm.

At Blackman & White we know the success of our customers’ businesses depends on their ability to diversify and handle new materials. Offering ultimate tooling flexibility on one heavy-duty table, the Versa-Tech can be fitted with crease, kiss cut, route, drag knife, oscillating knife and driven rotary knife. Customers can purchase one tool initially, then add others over time to meet increasing production needs and spread the cost. Dual driven tooling with interchangeable ‘drop-in’ tools, both oscillating head and driven wheel, allows for easy and quick change of cutting technique.

The Versa-Tech is able to cut standard widths and lengths up to 3.2m, and to carry out long production runs on heavy duty materials such as acrylics and DIBOND, thanks to the addition of a 2.5kW water-cooled router.

The Versa-Tech offers high-precision, top quality output with a fast return on investment. The most competitively priced model available on the market, its high power, speed and flexibility allow customers to meet critical deadlines with ease.

The machine runs on a linear rack, keeping costs down as no belt replacement is needed, and ensuring accuracy is maintained over time.

The MasterCut Versa-Tech Flatbed Cutter/Router is ideal for material sheet cutting and has an excellent sacrificial table surface life, allowing for lower upkeep costs.


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Download the MasterCut range specification