Nothing is more important than choosing the right tool for the job. That’s why our machines offer a huge range of tooling and marking options and we’ll work with you to find the combination to suit your needs. Spoilt for choice? Read our ‘Case studies’ and ‘Applications’ pages for inspiration.

We recognise our customers have diverse needs and our machines can be customised with a range of tools, tool heads and marking and labelling solutions.

We’re always developing this range and can share our technical expertise to help you choose the right system for your business. Contact us to find out more.

TOOL HOLDER 1mm OSCILLATING BLADE ASSEMBLYOur tooling combinations include:

  • Laser
  • Water cooler 2.5kw router
  • Abrading head/grinding/sanding
  • Combination synchronised laser and knife cutting
  • Synchronised two-head cutting.

Passive tooling:

  • Tangential knife
  • Punch
  • ‘Pizza’ wheel / rotary knife
  • Creasing tool
  • 45/30/60 degree cutting

Driven tooling:

  • Oscillating blade head
  • Driven ‘pizza’ wheel/rotary blade
  • Creasing tool

Peripherals:TOOL HOLDER 45

  • Joystick and laser pointer for creating datum reference point (standard on most machines)
  • Roll-feeding systems.

Marking and Labelling:

  • Ink jet printing tool head
  • Pen-holding plotting tool head

Tool heads

Single blade, tangential cutting unit

Our heavy-duty, single tool, tangential head was originally developed for cutting polycarbonate roofing sheet up to 25mm (1 inch) thick. It can now handle newer multi-layer polycarbonate sheeting up to 50mm (2 inches) thick.

The tool head revolutionized the cutting of polycarbonate as unlike grinding wheels or reciprocating blades it generates almost no swarf and no dust.

However it’s not just for polycarbonate – clients have used this tool head to deal with a range of other materials, including PVC and sticky-backed plastic.

The tangential cutting unit can be fitted with a fixed drag blade and a ‘pizza’ wheel (rotary) knife. We’ve also developed a speciality blade, designed to control the depth of the cut very precisely.

Laser cutting system

Lasers can cut multiple layers of materials and support high production rates so it’s no surprise they’re the preferred choice for many processes.

Our laser heads range from 100 to 200 watts. The intense heat of the laser cuts by vaporising the material in its path and has the added bonus of sealing the surface it’s been in contact with. This allows for the cutting of intricate patterns in cloth as well as work with veneers, MDF and plastic films.

Lasers are also ideal for materials such as Kevlar, which can resist or damage standard blades.

Our laser cutting system ensures the hot gases produced as a normal part of the cutting action are vented safely away. This is done via a vacuum system, attached to the main cutting beam of the machine, directly above the laser cutting head.

Oscillating knife unit

Our MasterCut and Genesis ranges can carry an oscillating blade. Unlike a fixed blade this moves like a pendulum and can cut softer materials, which would clog or deform a standard blade.

The knife unit moves at a speed of 2,000 cutting strokes a minute and has a maximum cutting depth of 50mm (2 inches).

Applications include replacing the cutting of polystyrene sheets by hand or with hot-wire tools. Instead, our vacuum bed machines hold the sheets in place while the automated knife unit cuts. This ensures there is no tearing of the granules.

Combining this improved cutting with our software solutions, such as programmes to use common cutting lines, can reduce wastage and make processes more efficient.

Punch tool

The punch tool head is used where small round holes are required but cannot be cut easily or quickly with a fixed blade tool head. An example is in filter cutting, where multiple bolt holes for the filter flanges have to be cut.

Available on our MasterCut and Genesis machines, this tool will punch holes in a wide variety of materials such as plastic, rubber, laminates, thin sheet metal and cardboard. It has been tested on holes up to ¾ inch but is also capable of cutting larger holes.

The punch is computer controlled and electromagnetically operated for precision and reliability, even at high production speeds.

Router unit

The routing spindle is designed for continuous or extended production runs. For heavy-duty, high speed drilling applications, it can be used with the MasterCut Versa-Tech and Multi-Tech cutting platforms.

Water-cooled for optimal performance it can cut thicker materials such as MDF and DIBOND.

Routing tool

This tool was developed in response to customers who wanted to machine material edges, cut channels and grooves, and rout out holes or custom apertures in thick sheet materials such as PVC, laminated plastics and Perspex.

To avoid the creation of dust and cutting debris when the tool was operational we:

  • developed a high-efficiency vacuum manifold, mounted precisely at the cutting point to capture debris as it is generated
  • introduced a high-pressure vacuum system to ensure even the smallest particles are caught and removed to an off-machine filter system.

Marking and labelling

Ink jet printing unit

Designed for extended cutting and labelling applications, the industrial grade ink jet plotting and printing system is designed for long production runs.

Features include no-clog extended run print heads, remote high-capacity ink reservoirs and compatibility with aerospace ink.

They can be mounted on our MasterCut and Genesis 2100 industrial flatbed cutting machine.

A large capacity ink reservoir is housed in a control console to the right of the cutting/printing head, supplying the print head with ink. This remote reservoir system means that the print unit can run for extended periods, and the ink reservoir can be replenished without any downtime.

The ink jet printing heads produce a high resolution print that can quite simply show the SKU or component serial number, or more complex detail such as instructions, safety warnings, and logos.

Pen holder or pen plotting toolhead

All our flatbed cutting machines can be configured with a pen plotter tool head, allowing them to operate as a multi-function large-format plotter, as well as a flatbed cutting machine.

The pen holder toolhead allows our cutting machines – even those not specifically designed as plotters - to carry out this function also.