Construction & Building

Awnings & Blinds

Whether for privacy or more often for shade, awnings and blinds are becoming ubiquitous in industrial and residential settings because they give any property instant kerb appeal, awnings and blinds need to be made to a high quality and an essential part of this is the basic cutting which our machines can carry with unrivalled
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Focussed on floors? Cutting of carpet and vinyl inlay is easier and more cost-effective to achieve using one of our machines. Our custom tools can deal with woven or non-woven carpets and ensure the accuracy needed for inlaid vinyl flooring patterns to fit together perfectly. We’re also seeing a growth in machines being used to
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Inflatable Structures

Although produced largely for fun, the production of inflatables requires serious precision cutting. Our flatbed cutting machines are designed to cut complex shapes in both vulcanized rubber and plastics, helping you create anything from toys to promotional products. Talk to us to find out how our cutting machines can help you deliver for your customers.

Polycarbonate Panels

The BW Mastercut 2200 flatbed cutting system can cut 40 mm thick structured polycarbonate panels with a tangential knife – one of the most productive breakthroughs in the construction of conservatory roofs Multi-layer polycarbonate sheeting is a translucent material that can be used as a durable and lightweight roofing material, especially for conservatories, but it
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Tensile Architecture

Blackman & White manufacture a range of flatbed cutting machines that are precisely designed for the exacting task of cutting complex shapes required for the flexible roofing industry. Designed for cutting kevlar reinforced fabric, heavy canvas, woven nylon and vulcanized rubber materials and the laminates that are used in the flexible roofing industry, Blackman &
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