Blackman and White

A common thread for Techtextil’s innovators

This year’s Techtextil brought together textile innovators from across the globe to showcase breakthroughs in materials for medical technology, high performance sports and building.


Yet there was one thing all these new products from anti-microbial fabrics to UV-resistant materials had in common. To make them useable they need to be cut.

That’s why British cutting machine manufacturer Blackman & White was at the exhibition – ready to demonstrate that whatever the material, there’s a cutting solution for it.

Our technology – which is forged at the sharp-end of product development – can offer accuracy, speed and versatility.

We used Techtextil to showcase our Genesis machine. It’s one of our range of cutting solutions, which has been engineered to deal with even the most heavy-duty materials. At the show the machine demonstrated PVC cutting, commonly used in manufacturing Tensile structures and inflatables, through to lorry curtain sides. The machine cut with equal ease carbon fibre composite and Kevlar.

Designed and manufactured in Maldon, Essex, the machine is the perfect choice for anyone working in the five biggest areas of growth for today’s textile industries: indutech; mobiltech; buildtech; hometech and; protech.

We’re used to being at the forefront of technological innovation and pride ourselves on keeping apace with the latest textile developments.

Our machines are used in many universities and product development facilities, which makes us ideally placed to plan for what you’ll need to cut now and in the future. Sometimes before these materials are even in mainstream use.

Our Orion m machine range which is the entry level cutter with flexible tooling options was also a very popular contender, with its preferential price point  also builds on our heritage.

So what is different about Blackman & White? In addition to the Genesis and Orion machines, we have pioneered machines which offer simultaneous laser and knife cutting for the textiles market, and our latest machines give customers further flexibility with the addition of a router tool. We are always innovating, and always listening to our customers.

Techtextil is our opportunity to talk to innovators working in textile development and manufacturing. There’s no better chance to hear about your challenges and expectations and to ensure we can meet them.

Key feedback we’ll be taking from this year is the reminder that the industry is moving forward – and fast. This means our ability to work with clients to design bespoke cutting machines will be more in demand than ever before.

We enjoyed visiting stands which showed the scale of developments and pace of change from around the globe and we’ll share all the insight we gathered with our design team back at the factory. This will ensure we’ve already anticipated your cutting needs before next year’s show.

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