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A Third Year of Success for Blackman & White at Advanced Engineering 2012

Showcasing their innovative cutting solutions for a third year in a row, Blackman & White have had yet more success at this years Advanced Engineering show in Birmingham. On display was the market leading Orion, with live demonstrations taking place throughout the day. Often a first foray into mechanised cutting, the Orion has established itself as a high volume, low maintenance production cutter within the composites industry. Low cost, high speed and accurate, usable with multiple file formats; all with plug and play functionality the Orion minimises downtime and maximises efficiency. It is no surprise then that the Orion has been described as ‘indispensable’ by its users. Visitors to Aero Engineering saw the Orion 1.6, cut width flatbed blade composite cutting machine, which features a drag knife, rotary wheel and pen marking, able to cut single or multiple ply at 0.5G cut acceleration and within 0.5mm accuracy. Complex parts were cut from carbon pre-preg composite material supplied by customer Amber Composites demonstrating the high level of cut intricacy and accuracy possible using the Orion cutting solution, with visitors stating their positive feedback at the results. The composite cutting range also features proven reliability with a broad range of functionality on conveyorised or heavy duty flatbed platforms including part marking using the inkjet printing system, enabling multiple parts to be marked with multiple complex codes systematically, significantly improving efficiency in later stages of production. Visitors were also fortunate to meet with Blackman & White’s knowledgeable staff, who were on hand to offer expert advice and share their technical knowledge with regards to more complex composite cutting challenges. Dedicated to developing innovative cutting solutions, the Blackman and White team is continuously pushing the boundaries of design to assist customers and exceed their expectations. Blackman & White would like to thank all who visited their stand and are looking forward to seeing everyone who has booked cutting trial dates.

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