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JEC Composite Show 2012 in Paris – a huge success for the Blackman & White new innovations

Blackman and White had a busy JEC 2012 in Paris, with over 150 demonstrations of their composite cutting solutions being delivered. This was due in no small part to the new Genesis Inkjet Hybrid Cutter, specifically designed for the composites industry, which was launched at the show. The Hybrid was developed in conjunction with Beagle Technology Group as a key component of the manufacturing process of the protective crew compartment for the new Foxhound Protected Patrol Vehicle which is made out of a ballistic composite material. The Foxhound will soon be in-service with the British Army. The two companies worked closely to create the 5 metre long machine, now part of BW’s range of heavy duty composite cutting machines. Part of the requirement was for durability as BTG’s production targets are so high that the Genesis Hybrid is needed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, cutting and automatically part marking the 750 GSM glass fibre that is required for the protective compartment. The simultaneous cutting and printing gives instant mark-up of components, without the need to label by hand. Alex White, Managing Director at Blackman & White commented: “The JEC exhibition keeps getting better and better for us. This year’s show saw more people visit our stand than ever before. We were able to showcase our extensive composite cutting solutions range and introduce companies to our new cutting machine which is combined with a high speed inkjet printer for part marking without the need to interrupt the process flow.” “Optimal nesting and 24/7 running will give huge reductions in costs. This has the potential to be the workhorse of the cutting industry – but a workhorse with a difference – it delivers real quality time and time and time again.” The company’s exhibition stand was also new and a new corporate video was being broadcast, featuring a Blackman & White cutting machine in action at a client site and highlighting just some of the positive features for which Blackman & White have become renowned.

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