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Blackman & White at METS 2014, 18-20 November – Stand EL 45

Blackman & White to showcase versatile cutters for the marine industry at METS 2014

UK-based specialist manufacturer Blackman & White will be showcasing its Genesis Knife Cutter at the 2014 METS exhibition for the marine industry, from 18-20 November in Amsterdam.

The Genesis cutter is ideal for materials ranging from sail cloth to composites and canvas, making it perfect for sailmakers, boat hood and cover manufacturers, mast manufacturers, and companies producing protective clothing such as life jackets and rescue equipment.

It’s just one of Blackman & White’s product ranges which also include the Orion and MasterCut machines, designed to help clients work faster, more accurately and reduce waste.

The company recently added the VersaTech to its MasterCut range, a new multi-tool laser, knife and router solution on a single conveyorised or flatbed platform. It’s the latest in the evolution of highly flexible and cutting edge technology developed for handling an increasing diversity of materials from mdf and board through to sealed edges on sailcloth.

Blackman and White has been a supplier to the marine industry and at the forefront of cutting technology for almost half a century.

“In the past we focused on creating bespoke cutting solutions designed to meet the specific needs of individual customers, but we have taken the learning from that to develop accessible ranges that can now be bought ‘off the shelf’” explains Managing Director Alex White.

“We’re delighted to be at METS once again to showcase our state-of-the-art cutters – and celebrate our 45 years in this diverse and exciting industry.”

About the cutters


The Genesis cutter has a multi-tool head that carries rotary or fixed blades, including the unique oscillating blade and driven ‘pizza wheel’. This flexibility allows the Genesis to handle a range of materials from PVC sheeting to Kevlar.

Genesis machines come in flatbed, conveyorised, or laser-equipped models. They offer incredible functionality with a very fast return on investment.

The flatbed version is available in standard widths of 1.6m, 2m, 3.2m and 5m.


The VersaTech offers the ultimate tooling flexibility on one heavy-duty table, and can be fitted with crease, kiss cut, router, drag knife, oscillating knife and driven rotary knife.

Customers can purchase one tool initially, then add others over time to meet increasing production needs and spread the cost. Dual driven tooling with interchangeable ‘drop-in’ tools, both oscillating head and driven wheel, allows for easy and quick change of cutting technique.

The VersaTech is able to cut standard widths and lengths up to 3.2m, and carry out long production runs on heavy duty materials such as acrylics and DIBOND, thanks to the addition of a 2.5kW water-cooled router.

It offers high-precision, top quality output with a fast return on investment. It’s the most competitively priced model available on the market; its high power, speed and flexibility allow customers to meet critical deadlines with ease.


The first Orion was built in 1984 and the latest generation of the low cost popular cutter/plotter takes cut speed, accuracy and versatility to new levels.

Ideal for both single and multi-ply materials, the Orion Total Solution is purpose-built to fit your cutting room. It comes with its own heavy-duty table and is available either as self-assembly or fully installed to meet budgetary needs.

It offers unrivalled control thanks to its easy-to-use software – backed by Blackman & White’s training and support programme.

The Orion cutter/plotter gantry is built to order in sizes ranging from 1.5m to 3m cut width and 1.5m to 15m cut length.

B_W Genesis flatbed


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