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Vision is a camera-guided, front-end graphical user interface that combines the elements of vision, editing and machine control in a simple, intuitive, and modern application. Vision is used for graphics applications where precise contour cutting around printed substrates is required.

Key Features

  • Library of material profiles contains optimum tool cutting parameters
  • Table Map function ensures even cutting depths
  • Collection of registration marks using the gantry mounted camera
  • Accurate contour cutting using registration marks
  • Easily view and edit cut directions
  • Dynamic vacuum settings
  • Editing window comes with a whole host of key functions used when working with printed and unprinted materials
  • High precision camera for collecting registration marks


File Interface

Table Map

Mapping Interface

Compatibility & Specs

  • Windows compatible
  • Windows 10, 8, 7
  • 4GB Ram recommended
  • 4GB Free Space Needed
  • 1366 x 768 resolution or higher
  • Plan jobs longer than the table
  • Utilise a range of anchor points
  • Optimisation of the cutting job
  • QR code compatible for production planning
  • Tandem Mode
  • Custom material profile and material library built in
  • Dynamic vacuum capability
  • Dynamic start point choice by the operator
  • Fish eye camera for a larger field of view
  • Drag and Drop to arrange the cutting order
  • Thumbnail images for easy navigation
  • Uses the displayed print image to determine job orientation


Successful training is the key to a positive user experience.  Blackman & White offer training in advance of installations, as well as additional on-site software and operational training to ensure a smooth transition to full production especially when new to cutting automation.


Every new cutting machine PC has remote support software installed, which enables diagnostics of the machine to be inspected by engineers over the internet. Using remote support the majority of issues can be resolved; meaning downtime of the machine is kept to a minimum, therefore avoiding the need for engineer visits and prolonged disruption to production.

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