FESPA DAILY: Global Debut for B&W Genesis-Z

By Blackman & White on May 23rd, 2019

Launched at FESPA 2019, the Genesis-Z represents a step change in the cutting machine market. We have introduced a number of pioneering technologies, such as ViZeo and Virtual Fence, that deliver significant quality and safety improvements for our customers. Driven by Blackman & White’s intuitive and powerful in-house software, the Genesis-Z provides a productive and user-friendly experience, enabling the end users most demanding requirements to be met faster and more accurately than ever.

Featured on the front page of FESPA daily on the 16th of May, the article reads:

Blackman & White (B5-F12) has handed a world premiere to its new Genesis-Z multi-function cutting system at Fespa.

Like the UK manufacturer’s existing Genesis-V range, the new device features interchangeable laser, router, and knife tooling. It can be configured with a conveyorised or flatbed cutting table.

Director Eiko Ichikawa-White said the firm had brought the specialist know-how garnered during the development of bespoke products into a standard machine range.

New features include the ‘Virtual Fence’ dual-zone safety system, which will automatically slow down and then pause the machine if ‘anyone or anything’ gets too close. The job will then re-start where it left off without the need for operator intervention.

Also new is the ViZeo registration mark scanning, which makes preproduction “significantly faster”.

1.6, 2m and 3.2m cut widths are available, with 1.6m or 3.2m length. Linear speed is 2m/sec.

The burgeoning textiles sector is [a] key market for the Genesis-Z.

“We think the textiles market is particularly relevant for these machines, because of the sealed edges we produce with the versatility of the roller system,” Ichikawa-White added.

-Jo Francis

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