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Our range of cutting machines can be configured with a pen tool, enabling accurate marking of information such as part numbers, seam lines and artwork on to the material.

Pen Tool – For the marking of text and reference lines required for sewing and welding applications.

Pen Marking options:

  • Pressurised Ball point pen with medium nib available in Black, Silver, Green, Blue and Red.
  • Black Felt Tip marker pens available in Fine, Medium and Thick nib sizes.

Compatible with:

  • Orion
  • Genesis-V
  • Mastercut


Developed for detailed labelling applications, the industrial grade ink jet printer is designed for long production runs.

Features include high-capacity ink reservoirs for holding pigmented and non-pigmented inks approved for aerospace use.

For ease of use the ink reservoir can be replenished quickly to minimise downtime.

The high resolution ink jet printer is used for the quick marking of  serial numbers, text, barcodes, QR codes and logos.

Compatible with:

  • Genesis-V
  • MasterCut

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