CNC Machine Tools

Discover compatible CNC Machine Tools for your cutting machine. Cut, crease, draw and more with our wide range of plug-in tools.

With a comprehensive range of motorised and non-motorised knife and creasing tools, Ultrasonic, Router and Laser modules are available as standard. Pens of different types and colours are available- with inkjet available for applications which require high speed marking.


Video of tooling applications

Time Stamps:

– 0:00 Intro

– 1:01 Driven Wheel Sail Cloth

– 1:25 Driven Wheel Canvas

– 1:55 Driven Wheel Kevlar

– 2:16 Driven Wheel Soric

– 2:47 Oscillating Knife & Crease Wheel Corrugated Card

– 4:04 Oscillating Knife Foamboard

– 6:05 Drag Knife PVC

– 6:46 Drag Knife Carbon Fibre

– 7:22 Drag Knife & Kiss Cut Vinyl