CNC Laser Cutting Machine

The modular CO2 CNC laser cutting system is essential for cutting fabrics and textiles – simultaneously cutting and sealing the material edges and eliminating frayed edges. Modern materials such as fabrics, technical textiles and a multitude of other advanced industrial material can be cut and finished with high accuracy, speed and precision.

The Laser is available as an exclusive CNC Laser Cutting Machine, or as an interchangeable plug-in on the multi-tool cutting head. Available as a conveyorised or static bed option, Blackman & White is uniquely placed to offer the right solution to meet customers’ current and future cutting needs.  


  • 100 W CO2 Laser
  • 200 W CO2 Laser
  • Water Cooled
  • Combined knife and laser cutting and marking using patented interchangeable cutting bed technology.
  • Full range of cutting bed formats.
  • Conveyorised cutting for automated continuous production of material rolls.
  • Static or flatbed cutting for processing of sheet and board materials.
  • Integrated fume extraction system.
  • Full workflow connectivity, with integrated nesting and operational software for maximum throughput including performance metric analysis.
  • Camera or scanning recognition software.

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