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Flatbed Cutting Table – Genesis-V

From £250 / month


  • Max cut speed: 1500mm/s, 2000mm/s
  • Max cut depth: 50mm - 150mm
  • Cut width: 1.6m, 2.2m, 3.2m
  • Cut length: 1.5m, 3.0m, 5.0m


    Inflatable Structures
    Parachutes & Parafoils
    Polycarbonate Panels
    Sail Making
    Signage & Graphics
    Tensile Architecture


    Aluminium Composite Panel
    Aramid Fibres & Kevlar
    Carbon Fibre Pre-Preg
    Corrugated Cardboard
    Foamcore & Foamboard
    Wood & MDF

Tailored solutions available

Flatbed Cutting Table - Genesis-V

The Genesis-V CNC machine is a robust, performance-based flatbed or conveyorised cutting system with a versatile range of tooling options.

The Genesis-V flatbed cutting table is available in a range of bed sizes to optimise floor space. With a wide range of tools to choose from, Genesis-V can process the ever-growing range of substrates available.

Supporting Knife, Laser conveyor belt systems and Router tooling on one flatbed cutting table, Genesis-V is the most versatile cutting system available on the market today.

  • Features
    • Conveyor, Laser Conveyor or Flatbed Systems
    • Full Vacuum system with adjustable zones
    • Dual Switch Tool Module holds any two tools simultaneously, tools can be exchanged for another in seconds.
    • Heavy Duty module which holds the 1kw router, 3.6kw router, 100w laser, 200w laser or dot matrix printer
    • Standalone Pen Marking Tool Station
    • Optical Camera for Printed Registration Marks
    • High speed scanner for high volume graphics operations
    • Laser Pointer and Jog Control
    • Auto Tool Depth Sense to auto set tooling workflows accurately set blade depth
    • Front & Rear Extension Pick-off Table
    • Cloud based reporting system for job and machine logging
    • Computer Controlled Cutting Machine (CNC)
  • Performance
    • Maximum Cutting Speed – 1500mm or 2000mm/second
    • Maximum Move Speed – 1500mm or 2000mm/second
    • Cut accuracy – 0.1mm
    • Repeatability – 0.1mm
    • Acceleration – 1G
    • Maximum Cutting Thickness – 50mm – 150mm
  • Size Options


    • 1.6m
    • 2.2m
    • 3.2m


    • 1.5m
    • 3.0m
    • 5.0m

    If you cannot find the size you require, please contact us as we offer tailored Genesis-V systems upon request.

  • Key Industries
    • Composites
    • Marine
    • Sign & Graphics
    • Technical Textiles
    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Upholstery
    • Leather
    • Tensile Structures
    • Packaging
    • POS
    • Medical
    • Aerospace
    • Defence
    • Awnings
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Cutting Tools & Marking

Discover compatible tools for your CNC machine. Cut, crease, draw mark and more with our wide range of tools. available. Contact us for advice on which tools would suit your machine and business and application best.

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Successful training is the key to a positive user experience. Blackman & White offer training in advance of installations, as well as additional on-site software and operational training to ensure a smooth transition to full production especially when new to cutting automation.

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Every new cutting machine PC has remote support software installed, which enables diagnostics of the machine to be inspected by engineers over the internet. Using remote support the majority of issues can be resolved; meaning downtime of the machine is kept to a minimum, therefore avoiding the need for engineer visits and prolonged disruption to production.

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