How To Cut Your Own Face Masks & Visors

By Blackman & White on April 15th, 2020

The Coronavirus continues to dominate the news and we are all beginning to feel the pressure of supplying appropriate PPE to our employees. That is why here at Blackman & White, we have produced these cutting files for one piece visors and velcro facemasks to help support and supply our customers with adequate PPE.

We are sharing these cutting files to aid in repurposing existing CNC machines for PPE production to raise PPE Production and to help protect our client’s employees and each other as much as possible with PPE.


The one-piece visor-cutting file is designed to help increase the production levels of PPE for our clients. The one-piece visor cutting files can be downloaded from here:

VISOR (not CE or safety accredited)-20200414T101223Z-001

* Please note these masks are not CE marked and only to be used when deemed appropriate.

Face Masks:

Our velcro fabric face masks can aid our customers with as much assistance as possible to help protect their employees and each other. These masks have an adhesive velcro strip to keep production simple. The cutting files for the velcro fabric face masks can be downloaded from here: 

FACEMASKS (not CE or safety accredited)-20200414T101031Z-001

* Please note these masks are not CE marked and only to be used when deemed appropriate.

Here at Blackman & White, we are striving to follow our company ethos of innovative in-house design and UK manufacturing to help manage in these difficult times. We are still producing and will continue to offer support to all of our existing customers. We hope you are all keeping safe. 

For more details or if you are interested in helping with material supply please get in touch by phone on 0161 843 404, or by email at [email protected]

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