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Cut Pilot

Our Cut Pilot software provides a dedicated and easy-to-use interface that provides the user with control over all of their Blackman and White cutting system operations.
It includes specialised tools for accurate, last-minute editing of files as well as customisable material and process pre-sets to help streamline your cutting workflow. Through constant monitoring of the cutting machine, CutPilot is able to intelligently optimise parameters like speeds, depths and cut paths automatically.
With ultimate control over the cutting machine at the user's fingertips, an efficient and comprehensive product is achieved.

Key Features

  • Powerful CAD engine
  • Quick set macros for rapid file preparation
  • Cut path optimisation
  • Real cut time feedback
  • Cutting simulation and cutting time estimates
  • Common Line Cutting
  • Simple layer to tool assignment


Compatibility & Specifications

  • Windows compatible
  • Windows 10, 8, 7 (32 bit)
  • Intel 2 core processor
  • 8GB Ram recommended
  • 50MB Free Space Needed

Key Features

  • Supports the world’s most efficient multi-kit nesting system
  • Fully cloud-based support system
  • Optimised cut paths
  • Real cut-time and material usage data
  • Cutting simulation
  • Common line cutting system
  • Simple layer to
  • Tool assigning
  • Support for inkjet and text to pen
  • Imports PDF, AI, DXF, HPGL files and more!



Successful training is the key to a positive user experience.  Blackman & White offer training in advance of installations, as well as additional on-site software and operational training to ensure a smooth transition to full production especially when new to cutting automation.


Every new cutting machine PC has remote support software installed, which enables diagnostics of the machine to be inspected by engineers over the internet. Using remote support the majority of issues can be resolved; meaning downtime of the machine is kept to a minimum, therefore avoiding the need for engineer visits and prolonged disruption to production.

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