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The Orion Flatbed Cutting machine is designed to be the perfect CNC machine for companies looking for an easy to use, low cost and reliable cutting system.

The Orion is a quick and accurate ply cutting/plotting system with an unrivalled range of blade and pen tool options in its class.

The Orion CNC machine has two independent tool stations and has a modular build for added convenience and versatility.

Ideal to depth critical application due to relative Z-axis which maps the surface of your materials to ensure the perfect depth and the perfect cut.


  • Drag, Score, Rotary, Crease and Marking Tooling Options
  • Laser Pointer and Jog Control
  • Floating Z-axis for precise depth cutting
  • Two Independent Tool Stations
  • Flatbed
  • Full Vacuum System
  • Adjustable Vacuum Zones
  • Marking Tool Station
  • Modular Construction
  • Computer Controlled Cutting Machine (CNC)
  • Twin Head Pack available

Cutting Tools & Marking

Tangential Drag Knife Tool Holder

Rotary Wheel Tool Holder

Score/Kiss Cut Knife Tool Holder

Pressure Pen Marking Tool

Crease Wheel Tool


  • Maximum Cutting Speed - 750mm/second
  • Maximum Move Speed - 850mm/second
  • Cut Accuracy - 0.5mm
  • Repeatability - 0.1mm
  • Max Cutting Depth - 10mm
  • Material Fixation - Vacuum

Key Industries

  • Marine
  • Technical Textiles
  • Tensile Structures
  • Packaging
  • Leather
  • Sample making
  • Composites
  • Clothing and Fashion
  • Upholstery
  • Graphics
  • Signage

Orion Overview

  • Dual Knife cutting head with separate Pen tool station which provides a total of three separate tooling options all used in one motion without operator intervention.
  • Tooling options of Drag Knife, Score/Kiss Cut Tool, Rotary Wheel, Crease Wheel and Pen Tool.
  • Vacuum enabled bed to securely hold material during the cutting process.
  • A wide selection of steel/tungsten carbide blades is available for different materials.
  • Large selection of pens for marking in different colours and on different materials.
  • Modular construction for the optimal cutting area.
  • Flexible software options such as CAD, Nesting and Photo Digitising.
  • Computer Workstation eliminating wasted floor space.
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Low consumables costs.
  • Robust and reliable with a high-quality build.


Successful training is the key to a positive user experience.  Blackman & White offer training in advance of installations, as well as additional on-site software and operational training to ensure a smooth transition to full production especially when new to cutting automation.


Every new cutting machine PC has remote support software installed, which enables diagnostics of the machine to be inspected by engineers over the internet. Using remote support the majority of issues can be resolved; meaning downtime of the machine is kept to a minimum, therefore avoiding the need for engineer visits and prolonged disruption to production.

Download the specification

You can download the Orion Cutter/Plotter specification as a PDF file. If you don’t have a copy of Adobe Reader on your PC, you can download a free copy here.

Prodrive – Cutting to maximise efficiency and accuracy

Prodrive designs and manufactures car body parts for motor racing and rallying, using specialist carbon composites.

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