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Aramid Fibres

Aramid Fibres are a synthetic fibre known for thier high tensile strength to weight ratio, making it lightweight and extremely durable. It is used extensively in applications such as body armour and helmets used within the military.


Blackman & White cutting machines are designed for the single ply cutting of Aramid fibres by use of the Driven Wheel Tool. Aramids are tough to cut due to the composition of the material, and to cleanly cut through the fibres, the Driven Wheel is the correct tool use.

Blackman & White machines are used for cutting aramid fibres, with commonly known brands such as Kevlar and Twaron. Aramids are used in the manufacture of products such as body and vehicle armour, as well as other military and aerospace products which require bulletproof resistance.

If marking is required, an inkjet printer is available for the purpose of high speed marking of product identifying codes.

The Driven Wheel tool is compatible with Genesis-V and Mastercut cutting systems.

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