Thick Cardboard Cutter

Suitable for Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a heavy-duty paper-based product that is commonly used in a wide range of day-to-day applications such as boxes and packaging.

What is corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is a material that consists of a fluted corrugated sheet between two sheets of flat paperboard.

What is corrugated cardboard used for?

Corrugated cardboard is widely used for packaging and boxes. It is also used for interior signage such as shop signs and exhibition stands. To find out more about the applications of corrugated cardboard browse our signage & graphics page.

Which tools should you use for corrugated cardboard?

Both the Electric and Air Oscillating Knife tools are well suited to cutting a range of thicknesses of corrugated cardboard. These Oscillating Knife tools allow you to cut corrugated cardboard into a variety of shapes and patterns depending on the required application.

The Thru Cut Knife is also used to cut corrugated cardboard and has been designed to hold both a single or double-edged carbide blade that maximises the range of materials it can cut.

For the creasing of corrugated cardboard for fold lines for packaging and box-making applications, we provide either the 25mm Crease Wheel or the 60mm Crease Wheel which allows different creasing levels.

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