Carbon Fiber Laser Cutting

Suitable for Carbon Fibre Pre-Preg

Revolutionising the automotive, aerospace and marine industries, carbon fibre pre-preg components are used due to their lightweight nature, high heat resistance and extreme durability.

What is carbon fibre?

Carbon Fibres are a synthetic fibre made from carbon atoms bonded together to provide the fibre with a high strength-to-volume ratio. Carbon fibres are incredibly durable and have a wide range of uses in a variety of industries.

What is carbon fibre used for?

Carbon Fibre is most notably used to reinforce composite materials. CNC machines are commonly used in the Composites industry to cut carbon fibres for use in automotive and aerospace applications.

In addition, carbon fibres are being increasingly used in the Marine industry, ranging from use on small boats to superyachts.

Which tools should you use for carbon fibre?

Our CNC machines are equipped with a range of tools that can be used to cut carbon fibres. Both the electric and air-powered oscillating knives can be used for cutting carbon fibre into complex shapes.

In addition, the thru cut knife can also be used to cut carbon fibre in a single pass. The thru cut knife is designed to be a versatile cutting tool and can hold both single and double-edged carbide blades for added versatility.

Depending on your application’s requirements, carbon fibre can be cut with a range of Orion tools, including the fine adjust tool holder, a non-powered knife with a manually rotating collar that allows for small, accurate adjustments to blade depth and the drag knife tool for cutting materials up to 10mm in thickness.

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