Foam Core Board Cutter

Suitable for foamcore & foamboard

Foamcore, also known as Foamboard, is an economical sheet material that is used heavily in the graphics industry for signage, point of sale and other forms of displays.

What is Foamcore?

Foamcore or foam board is a lightweight and easy to cut sheet material that consists of a board of polystyrene foam that is clad with an outer layer of paper on both sides.

What is Foamcore used for?

Foamcore is often used for making scale models, the backing of picture frames and the mounting of photographic prints. Foamcore is often used to create architectural models and small prototypes of objects. Many of our customers use foamcore in the graphics industry or for signage and other types of displays.

Printed indoor signage and point of sale applications are the most visible use of foamcore and benefit from foam board’s lightweight construction. To find out more about the applications of foam board browse our signage & graphics page.

Which tools should you use for cutting Foamcore?

Both the Electric and Air Oscillating Knife tools are well suited to cutting a range of thicknesses of foamcore. These Oscillating Knife tools allow foam board to be cut into a variety of shapes and patterns depending on the application.

If folding or angle cutting of foam board is required then a V-Cut tool can be supplied for this purpose. The V-Cut tool can be used on any thickness of foamcore. Printed point of sale display structures such as shelves, stands and literature racks are all manufactured with the use of angled cutting and a V-Cut tool.

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